Unique Products

The only programme that can offer you a guaranteed future value on selected models across the Daimler Truck range.

With Daimler Guaranteed Buy Back, to determine your monthly repayments, the first step is to select the term of the agreement as well as anticipated annual kilometres to suit your business requirements and optional deposit amount.

Unlike traditional loan options, Daimler Guaranteed Buy Back provides a Guaranteed Buy Back* amount that acts like a final payment. No matter the option you choose at the end of the contract, you have the confidence knowing your truck’s value will match the outstanding balance and avoid any negative equity. 

As a GST-registered business operator, you may receive all the tax benefits of a standard loan but with the added security of Daimler Guaranteed Buy Back*. This product is applicable on both Asset and Asset Hire-Purchase loan products.

What does Daimler Guaranteed Buy Back* mean for me?

The programme allows the choice of one of the following three end of contract options:


Always want the latest model? By choosing to trade, this gives you the ability to upgrade your current truck for a new one and always have the latest in technology, safety and efficiency.


Still love your current truck and want to keep it? By choosing to retain, this gives you the flexibility to refinance or payout the remaining Guaranteed Buy Back* amount.


Wish to hand back your truck? By choosing the return option, simply hand back the truck and walk away, subject to the truck meeting the Fair Wear & Tear conditions.

^All Daimler Guaranteed Buy Back options are subject to full compliance with the terms and conditions of any associated loan and/or repurchase agreement. Any failure to fulfil these obligations will terminate the repurchase agreement and you will be liable in full for the Guaranteed Buy Back* amount plus any other amounts which are due and payable under the loan. Retain options requires payment of the Guaranteed Buy Back* in full unless this amount is refinanced. Any refinance is subject to credit approval based on standard credit assessment & lending criteria.