Loan Products

Our loan products are simple fixed payment term options that lock in an interest rate from the start of your contract.

You can rely on a fixed monthly payment for the term of the loan. Ownership of the vehicle is at the start or end of the contract, depending on the loan product. Both loan product options are based on GST inclusive payments.

Loan Products

Asset Loan

An Asset Loan is commonly referred to as a Chattel Mortgage and is available for business customers where ownership of the truck at the start of the finance agreement is important. This finance product differs from an Asset Hire Purchase and Finance Lease in that ownership is provided at the start of the agreement in exchange for security taken over the truck. Upon completion of the finance agreement and following final payment, security over the truck is released.

Asset-Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase provides you with flexible options to suit your business requirements. Finance agreements of this type can be structured with or without a deposit. Payments can be tailored to suit individual needs by opting for a longer term or incorporating an optional final payment. Once the finance agreement has come to an end and the final payment has been made, ownership of the truck will be transferred to the borrower.