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About Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Mercedes-Benz Trucks is a leader in innovation, sustainability and safety for the transport industry. 

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we can create trucks that are safer, more sustainable, and more enjoyable to drive. We pride ourselves in being the global market leader in greener technologies and solutions that benefit the planet and all of us who call it home. At Mercedes-Benz Trucks, we think of our customers as our partners who can always count on us and rely on our expertise to offer you reliability, innovation, and efficiency.

The Mercedes-Benz Trucks range offers a product solution to suite a diverse range of transport applications, from long-haul all the way through to inner-city distribution, not to mention our Econic and Unimog special trucks suited for unique and demanding situations.

As the world takes on more responsibility in the area of sustainability, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is leading the transport industry in this area with the introduction of our first electric vehicles in 2023, including the first all-electric heavy duty truck for Australia and New Zealand with the eActros and the eEconic which is well suited for waste and refuse operations. 



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A blue Mercedes-Benz truck with safety features displayed

The Actros

The Actros meets the continually growing demand in long distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution more effectively than ever, with enhanced economy, unique comfort, a high level of safety, and outstanding reliability. 

A dark Mercedes-Benz Arocs truck with bright headlights

The Arocs

The Arocs provides an especially robust, resilient vehicle that is optimally prepared for use in a wide range of construction applications.

A Mercedes-Benz Atego driving through a city

The Atego

With the Atego you are ideally prepared for the challenges of light-duty distribution haulage, thanks to its high efficiency and reliability.


The Econic

The Econic is a powerful and efficient commercial vehicle that adapts perfectly to a wide range of different business sectors and tasks. Whether it is for waste collection, short radius distribution, airport services, or other municipal operations, the Econic will have you covered.


The Unimog

The Unimog is available in two different series. The first model, the Unimog implement carrier, has a broad scope of practical capabilities, with dimensions kept extremely compact so its use can be both on and off road. The Unimog series with its U 4023 and U 5023 models is suitable for all-terrain use, and can handle practically any challenge.

Safeguard the road ahead with Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

For the past 125 years, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has been developing advanced safety systems that work together to safeguard the road ahead.

These invisible guardians often go unnoticed; operating behind the scenes to help keep the driver, their load, and other road users safe.

Watch our safety systems in action.